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ORing Cloud

ORing PaaS
Professional Industrial IoT Platform
The ORing PaaS is a powerful managed cloud platform designed for industrial IoT applications, it provides all the back-end functionality needed to operate large-scale IoT solutions.
With support for MQTT and CoAP protocols, you can easily connect your devices to the platform and interact with cloud applications, ORing PaaS will process those messages securely and reliably.


Thing Management
Thing management allows you to monitor and track a large scale of IoT devices easily. ORing PaaS stores the latest status of the device, even if the device is disconnected, your applications can still keep track of all your devices.


Data Management
Collecting and analyzing data from connected devices is one of the most recurring IoT use cases. Data Management make these tasks totally straightforward, even at massive scale.


Rule Engine
Rule engine can process the IoT data in real time, and automatically trigger corresponding events through the set rules, and thereby build an IoT application that has the ability to make right and effective decisions.


ORing PaaS provides numbers of RESTful APIs to help you integrate your applications, and you can authorize and manage application access permission through OAuth2.0.


Sparkplug is a specification for MQTT enabled devices and applications to send and receive messages in a stateful way. While MQTT is stateful by nature it doesn't ensure that all data on a receiving MQTT application is current or valid. Sparkplug provides a mechanism for ensuring that remote device or application data is current and valid.


ORing IIoT Roadmap


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